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Mar. 4th, 2015 01:03 am
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[ S H I P P I N G ] :
Preference: tbh I prefer to keep Steve single, I kind of see it as part of his character
Preferred ships: ^THAT SAID, I'm complete Stucky trash ngl, but I will always assume it's platonic between them unless you specify that you uh like fondue. If I get the impression that you're open to romance between them I may ask but please don't hesitate to say no, I'm still gonna wanna continue the thread, I promise.
- Peggy. Give me all of them.
- Natasha, Sam or Tony I'm open to and I'm willing to imply it on TFLN from the get-go (because shenanigans) but for anything more substantial I would want to build up CR first and go from there.
Ships I'm not interested in: Sharon, though I'm cool with we-could-have-dated shenanigans. If a character was not specifically mentioned, it's safe to assume they're in the "not interested" camp, sorry. I'M BORING.
Notes & etc.: although I'm kind of interested to throw Steve into some casual encounters? So, hey, go ahead and ask if you are too. M/F or M/M.

[ I C ] :
Hugging this character: Yes, even if he is unlikely to initiate one himself.
Kissing this character: Yes, but don't expect it to be any good. He's out of practice...
Flirting with this character: Yes, though all he's likely to do in response is this.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but we'll probably need to determine the outcome beforehand, mostly because of his super soldier serum (a.k.a. who's stronger?) and also he just does not know when to quit. Unless he's fighting Bucky, then he is 100% ready to lose a.k.a. DIE. /cries
Injuring this character: Yes. If you want to inflict any serious damage though, PM first.
Killing this character: Depends. PM first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Depends. PM first. Probably will be okay with it if it's Wanda doing her thing.

[ O O C ] :
Backtagging: Yes, please. TFLN aside, my default's slow, slow, slow... On that note, if you ever want me to pick up a thread I appear to have abandoned, feel free to PM me about it. I'm usually worried the other person won't want to continue if too much time has passed so I don't bother...
Threadhopping: Do people even do this? Maybe I don't understand what this is.
Fourthwalling: Not interested, unless you're Deadpool??? That sounds fun in theory anyway. Characters from non-MCU canons recognizing Steve as a historical WWII figure or an Avenger or something like that is totally fine though.
Offensive subjects: N...one? I'll add them if they ever come up.


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